Individual Services

ADL training

Participants are taught essential daily living skills such as personal hygiene, house chores, light cooking, use of home appliances and technology, appropriate social skills and others as required to maintain a dignified and productive life within a family or as an independent person. The training is done in a home setting.

Crisis intervention

This well-structured program provides a comprehensive approach to eliminating issues leading to a crisis in the classroom, community or at home. A behavioral psychologist provides an assessment and a plan of intervention which will help alleviate the crisis. The program’s goal is for an individual to smoothly transition into mainstream programs, access community or thrive at home.

Family counseling

A certified psychologist will assist families in dealing with any issues pertaining to their family member with intellectual and development disability in a private therapy session. The psychologist will help families to cope with frustration, anger, fear and anxiety arising from having a family member diagnosed with an intellectual / development disability.

Family education and training

Families will receive group or individual training on managing behavior, providing appropriate home learning environment, advocating for their family member, providing community integration, following recommendations of therapists, learning about diagnosis and its management, etc.