This program will focus on evaluating participants’ abilities to learn skills necessary for a meaningful employment. It will teach work ethics, social rules and responsibilities which are required to be employed.

Volunteer training

For those who are not interested or unable to work, volunteer training will provide a way to live a meaningful life, give back to the society and be integrated into the community. Various volunteer opportunities will be provided and used as the means of achieving individual goals. Work ethics, social rules and responsibility will be emphasized while focusing on each person’s goal (s) and its attainment.

Job coaching

For those participants who showed an interest and ability to maintain a meaningful employment, job coaching will be offered to secure a paid position. The training will include classroom sessions, job simulation workshops, task algorithms, work ethics, social rules, cultural and office etiquette, senior and peer communication technics, as well as preparation for interviews and meetings.

Travel Training

Travel training program will allow interested participants to gain independence in the community. Training will include curriculum of strategies to use public transportation, to navigate streets, to follow traffic lights and rules of the road, to use stores and public facilities, to pay fares and make change, to follow maps and remember landmarks, etc. It will also include personal safety, use of identification documents and dealing with emergency situations.